Sunday, 24 January 2016

Forest Garden Plants Nursery 2016

The Forest Garden Plants Nursery will be really starting next winter. But this year I do still have a number of plants available for sale.
Trees : Blue Sausage Tree, Cherry Plums, Wild Hazels and Oaks, and Gingko Biloba Seedlings.

Cuttings of : Brandt Grape Vine, Ben Nevis Blackcurrant

Ground Layer Plants:

Wild Strawberries, Oregano, Day Lillies, Vietnamese Coriander, Babington's Leek,  Siberian / Pink Purslane, Oca, Lemon Balm, Perennial Wild Kale, Lemon Grass.

Please just email if you'd be interested in any of the above, prices are by donation, but the order must be of over £10 to make it worth it!

Please just send me an email to

Many thanks,


My first nursery project - Solomon's Seals, growing with Blue Sausage Tree seedlings, and Siberian Purslane in flower.

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  1. I am so excited for this nursery. My mother loves gardening. I can’t wait to share these plan reviews and details with my mother. Anxiously waiting for thus nursery to start again.