Monday, 4 April 2016

Plants For A Future Need Volunteers!

For the past five or so years I've been going down to help Addy Fern on the beautiful Plants for A Future Land near Lostwithiel in Cornwall. Though I'd like to be able to help more I can usually only make it down there once or twice a year at most.

When I visited last year in October I was very saddened to understand from Addy that I was the first volunteer to arrive for the entire season. She desperately needed more help.

The book is still heralded today as a breakthrough work
 Many people seem surprised when I tell them of the amazing site, still growing strong... everything seems to have gone so quiet since Ken's book was published in 1997 that folk seem to assume that the project had been abandoned. Yet the 25 acre site, on which planting began in the 80s must be one of the oldest living examples of a forest garden approach in Europe - it just needs more help on the ground from more volunteers. A warm welcome awaits you, and there is so much to learn there.

So if you'd like to offer some of your time to help this amazing project, please follow this link to Ken's amazing new website which includes his new tropical plant database.

The entire site is full of exotic wonders like these Crataegus Pedicellata Berries in the autumn


  1. looks really good , thank you so much, we gratefully appreciate you , sending blessings from Fruit forests & Forest gardens for healing & health

  2. I love plants. But I don't have any book about plants. I will surely go for this book. It would be great. Thank you for sharing it.